Karnataka Prosthodontics Journal (KPJ) is a peer reviewed e-Journal published on behalf of Karnataka prosthodontic society. The journal publishes information relating to the specialty of prosthodontics. The journal is planned for publication as three issues each year in e-format and will be available online.  

    APRIL 2020 VOLUME 3 - ISSUE 3

  1. Management of acquired ptosis of a patient with ocular prosthesis using ptosis crutch mounted to a spectacle frame: a clinical report
- Dr. Umesh Pai et al

  2. Rehabilitation of an acquired auricular defect using adhesive retained silicone ear prosthesis: a case report
- Dr. Manupreet Kaur et al

  3. Tooth supported overdenture
- Dr. Aroma Reji et al

  4. Esthetic and functional rehabilitation of a case of amelogenesis imperfecta with a multidisciplinary approach using an innovative sequentially staged technique –a case report
- Dr. Karthik Shetty et al

  5. Casting Alloys for Prosthodontic Restorations- A Review
-Dr. Vidya Shenoy K et al

  6. Single tooth replacement with implant supported prosthesis using composite grafting technique.
-Dr. Nivya et al

  7. Obstructive sleep apnea and it’s management: a prosthodontic perspective
-Dr. Ann Sales et al

  8. Evaluation and comparison of the retention of full cast metal crowns cemented on extracted natural teeth with and without auxillary retentive features - an in vitro study’
- Dr. Lakkappa shivappa ganiger et al

  9. Prosthetic rehabilitation following partial maxillectomy with immediate surgical obturator: a case report
-Dr. Kushan Kishor et al

  10. Full Mouth Rehabilitation of A Patient With Amelogenesis Imperfecta Using Pankey Mann Schuyler Technique: A Case Report
- Dr. Nikita Agarwal et al