Annals of Clinical Prosthodontics is a peer reviewed e-Journal published on behalf of Karnataka prosthodontic society. The journal publishes information relating to the specialty of prosthodontics. The journal is planned for publication as three issues each year in e-format and will be available online.  
  1. Rugae Duplication – Different Techniques Of Customizing Palatal Rugae in Maxillary Complete Denture to Enhance Phonetics
Dr. Anupama Neelakantan, Dr. Sunil Dhaded
Page No. : 1 - 7
  2. Rehabilitation Of A Patient With An Interim Pharyngeal
Obturator : A Case Report
Dr. Thilak Shetty B, Dr. Shobha Rodrigues, Dr. Sharon Saldanha
Page No. : 8 - 12
  3. Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Atrophic
Ridges : A Clinical Report
Vaibhav Gupta, Dr. Shobha Rodrigues, Dr. Vidya K Shenoy, Dr. Thilak Shetty, Dr. Sharon Saldanha, Dr. Mahesh M,
Dr. Puneeth Hegde
Page No. : 13 - 19
  4. Prosthodontic Management Of Marginal Hemimandibulectomy With Surgically Induced Lip Drop
Dr. Krishna Prasad D, Dr. Anupama Prasad D, Dr. Anshul Bardia
Page No. : 20 - 27
  5. Short Dental Implants – A Review Of Clinical Performance, Biomechanical Aspects And Risk Factors For Survival
Dr. Talreja Karishma S, Dr. Rodrigues Shobha J, Dr. Pai Umesh Y
Page No. : 28 - 36
  6. Knowledge, Attitude and Oral Hygiene Practice Among Patients Wearing Fixed Partial Dentures In South Coastal Karnataka Region
Dr. Manoj Shetty, Dr. Krishna Prasad D, Dr. Chethan Hegde, Dr. Nikhila Thulasida
Page No. : 37 - 41
  7. Aesthetic And Functional Rehabilitation Of A Severely Mutilated Dentition
Dr. Nirupama R, Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Shetty
Page No. : 42 - 47
  8. SynCone- A New Dimension In Implant Overdenture: A Case Report.
Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Shetty, Dr. Azlinder, Prof.(Dr)Rakshith Hegde, Prof (Dr) Chethan Hegde, Dr. Nivya John
Page No. : 48 - 56